Which juice is good for body heat

Which juice is good for body heat:Here is a brief look at the types of foods that can maintain our health during the summer season.

Which juice is good for body heat

The heat is rising step by step. This season, which is a combination of winter and summer, has made the atmosphere warm. Confusion has been created as to what kind of food to eat.

We eat less in summer compared to winter. It is advisable to consume fruits and vegetables that are mostly watery during this time. Summer creates a feeling of no more food intake.

Which juice is good for body heat

Read here in a brief account what food it is best to eat in the summer routine.

Seasonal consumption of fruits

It is important to consume fruits seasonally, mainly from a health point of view. Remember to consume green vegetables, melons, mangoes.

Fruits are abundant in summer. They contain vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients and are rich.


Watermelon with an attractive colour is one of the juiciest foods. It is a suitable fruit during summer. It contains high levels of water and quenchs your thirst. Watermelon can be consumed in salads, sweets, smoothies, milkshakes.

This delicious fruit is very good for stomach discomfort, weight loss, common cold, high blood pressure and heart disease. It also helps in preventing many health problems.

There is no better fruit in summer.


Most people may not consume cucumber. But it cannot be forgotten that it is a nutritious vegetable. Also, it is extremely popular for weight loss. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, C and folate. This cucumber is called superfood. The main reason for this is that it maintains high blood pressure and heart health.

It is also an excellent blood purifier. So consume cucumber throughout the year.

Have all of these in your salad

‎their like leaves, basil and summer herbs can be included in the salad. curd and buttermilk quench your thirst and boost your immune system.‎

‎mix fresh fruits, seeds, white meat, peppers mint, coriander leaves in your salad and consume lightly. ‎

‎(Which juice is good for body heat)best this juice summer‎

‎watermelon juice: ‎‎watermelon contains approximately 90 percent of the water. undoubtedly it will hydrate you. also, increases digestion and helps in keeping the stomach cool.‎

‎not only that, watermelon juice is ideal for getting a good complexion, acne-free skin. ‎

‎mango powder juice:‎‎ it is very good to have dry mango powder juice or drink in summer. it helps in preventing digestion, constipation and bowel problems from worsening.‎

‎lemon juice: ‎‎lemon, known for its best summer drink, is a health-boosting one. consume juice mixed with mint leaves with lemon to be effective. it increases your metabolism and keeps your stomach cool in summer. ‎

‎barley water: ‎‎consuming barley water mixed with honey to taste can get good health results during summer. this is because barley water is rich in fiber, prevents constipation and helps in controlling appetite.‎

Best foods for skin repair know here all information

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