What will happen if everyone will not wash his or her hands

What will happen if everyone will not wash his or her hands :If you do not have clean hands and eat foods with similar hands, the problem of illness is getting worse!

What will happen if everyone will not wash his or her hands

People have, for the past two years, been left to see the hard way. As we all know, 2020 and 2021 cannot be forgotten in our entire lives! Both of these years can be termed as an unlucky year! The main reason for all this is the coronation of Mahariya Corona!

What will happen if everyone will not wash his or her hands

Do we all know how careful we have been in keeping our hands clean at this time, and not spreading the disease one by one? Most of the time, most of us have seen a small bottle of sanitizer in their possession, and if they touch anything, put them into the palms of their hands and cleanse their hands and hands. And we, too, have been trying to get rid of this coronavirus.

Come in today’s article, let’s take a look at some of the health issues that can be avoided if we take a moment to think about the cleanliness of our hands before eating any food.

There is a risk of throat and lung problems

The only foods we eat, health is debt! Our hands, which we use to eat these foods, must also be healthy … The foods we eat, no matter how healthy they are, are getting sick. Eating poorly, causing problems at first, in our throat!

Some bacteria and viruses that get stuck in the hand can directly affect the respiratory tract through our throat and cause illness. This can lead to irritation of the throat and increase the risk of lung problems.

The problem of diarrhea may come up!

The problem of diarrhea is mainly due to the consumption of unhealthy foods! Such problems can occur due to excessive consumption of certain unhealthy foods, such as stomach upset. Some unseen microorganisms can exert pressure on the inner lining of the stomach, causing fluctuation in the digestion process.

This can lead to diarrhea as well as diarrhea. So avoid consuming as much unhealthy foods as possible, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before using the toilet.

Hepatitis B

This infection, which usually attacks the liver of man, is a very dangerous disease. It is also called jandis in our language. Some of the symptoms include excessive fever, tiredness, abdominal problems, and pain in the limbs.

The reason for this is that some of the invisible microbes, including our body through food, can be covered by such diseases as we do not wash our hands properly before eating!

If you are already diagnosed with hepatitis, be sure to consult a doctor immediately, along with proper diet and physical cleanliness …

(What will happen if everyone will not wash his or her hands)Respiratory Diseases

Due to the changing climate, our body’s immune system also begins to give in! See enough is enough, finally see enough.

During this time, cough, sputum, cold, overdose, and many other lung problems begin to haunt us, eventually spreading to others. But as you know, it is important to note that such problems also come from our own unadulterated tradition. Therefore, one should not forget to clean hands before consuming foods.

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