What to eat during periods to reduce pain

What to eat during periods to reduce pain:There are many types of problems that women experience during the menstrual cycle.

What to eat during periods to reduce pain

It is normal for hormonal changes to occur during the menstrual cycle. Some people use a variety of drugs to alleviate this. But it also has side effects.

Cramps, abdominal pain, mood swings during menstrual cycle Although some foods can be used to reduce such problems, it can be very beneficial.

What to eat during periods to reduce pain

These foods reduce the menstrual cycle problems and provide beautiful skin care, good memory and healthy hair. If you follow an unhealthy diet during the menstrual cycle, it can definitely cause problems. Thus you learn how to overcome such problems.

What to eat


Banana has an excellent level of vitamin B6, which helps improve mood and keep you happy.

It is high in potassium and magnesium and helps prevent stomach upset. It is also helpful for digestion. Eat bananas during the menstrual cycle and avoid problems that can worsen the occasion.


The orange fruit keeps the mood in balance. The key nutrients it contains can be healthy and in good mood. Orange helps to avoid cramps and other problems that can worsen during the menstrual cycle.

(What to eat during periods to reduce pain)Dark chocolate

Improving the dark chocolate mood with a good amount of magnesium. Preventing worsening mood swings during the dark chocolate menstrual cycle.

It is a green vegetable that can be consumed by people with iron deficiency. Consume these foods to reduce iron levels during the menstrual cycle and keep it in balance.


Salmon containing omega-3 fatty acids is great for relaxing muscles and reducing cramps. Serve salmon during the menstrual cycle.

(What to eat during periods to reduce pain)What foods should be avoided?

It is essential to abstain from alcohol during the menstrual cycle. Most people think that alcohol can reduce cramps.

But the effect is temporary. If you consume alcohol, you will get rid of it. This causes an upset stomach problem.


Consumption of caffeine-containing beverages increases blood pressure and heart rate. This can cause anxiety. If you need caffeine, then drink green tea.

Processed food

Ignore the foods in the fast food, pickles and cans. You should not consume any such foods during the menstrual cycle. This is because it is an unhealthy and processed food that affects hormones. Ignore these foods.

High fat diets

High fat foods can always cause cramps and digestion problems. Because the skin is so sensitive in this case, there are also various skin problems. Reduce fatty foods and drink plenty of water.

(What to eat during periods to reduce pain)Foods with high salt content

Foods that are high in salt are harmful to health. This causes an upset stomach. It is very good to overlook foods that are high in fat.

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