Iron rich fruits and vegetables know here all information

Iron is present in many food items around us.  These can be eaten and saved from iron deficiency

When a man has an iron deficiency, he has many health problems.  Reduces physical fitness and vitality and increases fatigue.

The iron content is hidden in many of the foods we consume.  Ingestion of iron may reduce the pain.  In this stories, we will look at what foods contain iron.

Drinking a cup of palak soup every day is not only delicious, but also has the effect of producing your daily iron content.

According to health experts, this will fill the iron content deficit of 36% of your day's needs.

But be sure to only put the palak together while preparing any of the palak gourd dishes.  This is because it helps absorb the iron content.

Cauliflower leaves contain twice as much iron content as your day needs.

The black sesame or white sesame you consume is about 14.6 milligrams of iron per hundred.

Thus millet plays an important role in providing greater strength to your waistline.  You can extract iron from ragi in vast quantities.

Beetroot has the ability to eliminate the anemia problem by providing iron in sufficient quantities to those who lack iron content.