Immunity boosting foods for adults :Eating some fruit and vegetables regularly in the winter is good for health ...

It is said that if you consume some fruits and vegetables that are fresh and seasonal at this time, it can be very beneficial for maintaining your health.

Vitamin C content is high in Guava fruit.  So it can be consumed to boost immunity.  This will help you get rid of various infections.

Who suffer from cold and cough in winter, which can be very beneficial for them.  Drinking the juice of Guava fruit gradually reduces infections

We all know that there is an abundant water content in orange fruit.  The specialty of this fruit is that 87% of the water content is in the orange fruit.

Vitamin C content in the fruit, along with other nutrients in the fruit, along with the vitamin 'C' factor, enhances the health of the human body.

Nutrition or nutrients are rich in nutrients needed for health.  This is because our immune system automatically develops.

There are many nutrients that are present in the fruit, such as iron, potash, copper, vitamin C and A, thiazine, phthalate etc.

In today's Corona period, it is imperative to keep the resistance strong.  Thus, it is often found that it boosts immunity and prevents any infection from affecting the body.

Thus, a daily soup of vegetables can be prepared and consumed.  It will keep you healthy during the winter and provide a higher water content for the body.