How to make lemon tea at home :Many herbs found around us have many health enhancing properties.  Lemon grass is one of them.

Here's information on the benefits of consuming tea.Bharatiya's cooking house is, in a sense, a plethora of medicines.

.Even one of the herbs used in cooking every day has many health benefits.  In Indian Ayurvedic system, herbs have been used for many health problems since ancient times.

 Lemon tea is helpful for this.  Consumption of lemon tea helps relieve stress.  This herb, which has long leaves, has the

same flavor as lemon.  The reason for this is called Lemon grass.  Its aroma relieves stress.Lemon tea is one of the best

.ingredients for cleansing the body's blood.  Consumption of lemon juice at least once a day improves circulation.  As you get

.older, there is a problem with blood clots.  Lemon Grass Tea Helper is a medical doctor to help prevent such problems.

An unbalanced diet can cause gastric emptying.  Lemon tea solution for this.  Consumption of Nimboo Tea reduces stomach bloating

Cut 2 long leaves of lemon grass into small pieces.  Then pour 2 cups of water into a bowl and boil well.  Put the sliced

lemonade near it and boil for 5 minutes.  The brightly colored lemon grass tea is ready.  Sugar can be consumed daily if needed.