How to make elaichi water for weight loss

Cardamom, which is used to prepare a good flavor in the preparation of dessert, reduces the fat content in the blood.

We use a variety of spices to prepare homemade cooking.  Each ingredient has its own characteristics and has health implications.

Similarly cardamom develops the body's digestive power and controls blood sugar levels due to its enormous antioxidant content.

Provides good circulation by repairing the respiratory system in the body.  This is a boon for people who are ready for body weight.

Obesity is immediately remembered as body weight.  We need to maintain a neat weight regime, which means we have to eat foods and change our lifestyle.

Drinking water mixed with cardamom on an empty stomach during the morning will cause the pelvic fat to dissolve.

Essentially cardamom, which reduces stomach bloat, seems to have a great effect on your body's digestion.

It has the advantage of making the good bacteria more good for the intestines and good for healthy lifestyle

Cardamom helps in the production of melatonin, a hormone in your body which we will consume and it also

Drinking cardamom mixed water accelerates your body's metabolism process.  It also helps to dissolve fat content in your body