How to get rid of a cough in 5 minutes home remedies:Using some natural home remedies to alleviate the winter cold cough is very good.

In the past, when winter came, when we had a cough, cold, a cold, the elders in the house offered us a variety of herbs to use for our health, using saffron or spices in various forms.

At the time, he was preparing homemade treatments for minor and minor ailments, which were not going

 to the doctor at all!  We had some homemade treats provided by the elders and kept them healthy and it is more effective naturally.

Despite today's medically and scientifically advanced world, homeowners are the only ones who quietly

maintain their health and wellbeing at any time.  This article is about such a healthy home remedy Read More ..

In case of coughing, use a few ginger grate and honey mixed with basil leaves to taste.Your cough can be a lasting relief if you consume just one tablespoon of this homemade juice.

A simple homemade treat for coughs is when you chop the onion and inhale its crunch.  This is to relieve cough and repair the nasal passage.

You can also add honey to the onion juice.  Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties so it is very effective for cough.

Stir and drink honey after cooling.  This will alleviate the built-up nose problem, ease breathing and coughing.