How to clean copper naturally:How to clean copper containers See Simple Tricks.In the past, copper was more commonly used, but nowadays,

steel and aluminum containers are becoming increasingly popular in all pot shops.But when people are convinced of the health benefits of these copper containers,

the demand for these containers has increased since then!  These containers are easy to use but difficult

to maintain.  Because copper utensils lose their shine when used.But to rekindle the shine of these vessels, here are effective ideas.

If you have powdered salt and lemon juice, you can easily clean the copper containers.Apply this paste and leave it for half an hour.  After this, rub.  This makes the copper vessels shine

If there is no lemon juice, use vinegar instead of powder, and the copper containers can be cleaned with a mixture of powdered salt.

Leave a little ketchup on your copper containers for a while and then rinse with water, leaving dark spots on the copper.

Baking soda is convenient for cleaning any copper container easily.  Mix it with a little lemon juice and you can easily clean your dish.

Prepare a little vinegar with a cup of corn flour and prepare a paste so that the copper containers can be cleaned and polished.

Use baking soda if washing copper containers.  Baking soda can be added to lemon juice or the like.  This method is very effective.