Home remedies for hair growth and thickness :Hair loss, dandruff, whitening problems are common in women … Use home appliances instead of expensive ones.

Nowadays, for most people, home furnishings are for the most part a feeling of belonging and love for products that look great on the same TV.

Excess chemicals in cosmetics and hair shampoos, conditioners, etc. can cause further damage to the hair.

Home remedies requires a lot of patience.  Because as soon as it is today, it will not yield tomorrow.  If it is used for a few weeks then the result is sure.

It is normal for hair problems in today's highly polluted environment, diet and lifestyle.  We are going to tell you some housewares to do this.

Rinse the hibiscus petals overnight in a cup of water.  Then mix it with olive oil and raw milk.  Hair this pack.

Leave the hair mask on for 20 to 25 minutes, then rinse off with the remaining hibiscus water and rinse off with warm water at the end.

Gooseberry rich in vitamin C and antioxidant can be used for hair loss.  If it is applied to the scalp, it will prevent hair loss.  Its intake is also good.

Crush the gooseberry and juice it. Put two tablespoons of lemon juice into two tablespoons of cucumber juice.....

Grind the tomato fruit well in a mixer or grinder. Squeeze its juice into a bowl You can also mix it with coconut oil...