High protein diet plan for muscle gain :Foods with high protein content should be included in our daily diet as much as possible.

Nowadays, the importance of high protein foods is well known.  Protein plays a role in boosting the body's immunity, muscle growth, bones, and intellectual agility!

As we eat a regular diet of fruit and vegetables that are high in protein and other foods such as yogurt, eggs, fish, legumes and nuts, we have a

healthy diet and a healthy body.In this article, we will briefly describe one of the foods that are high in protein and easily available to you every day.

At breakfast, health experts say that eating a single egg a day is good for health, the main reason being the protein content!

Yes egg is said to be a very high, protein rich food.  Poultry eggs have very high protein content compared to any other food item

Incorporating such high amounts of protein into our body each day helps our muscles to form better, lower blood pressure, improve bone health and maintain weight.

We are unaware of the health benefits of most of the foods we consume at home.  We still eat, though.  We benefit from them indirectly.

Naturally, it is rich in nutrients.  Protein content is also abundant in homemade yogurt, or store-bought yogurt, and should be included in your diet regularly.

Some argue that too much non-veg intake is not good for health!  This is true but not all types of meat are the same.