maintain health.  Dance is one of them.  Dancing is a form of exercise for all parts of the body.  Dance also improves

Today is International Dance Day, and the International Theater Institute's dance committee has begun celebrating April 29

as International Dance Day.  The day also marks the birthday of Jean-Georges Nowhere, the creator of the modern ballet dance

 genre.  While there is no specific time or day to celebrate dance and to set foot on beats, this day is special,

recognizing dancers from around the world who value their craft.mental health.  Dance is thus considered a good way to

improve health.Dietary habits, lifestyle, stressful life and many other factors can impair brain function and impair memory.

Dancing to lose weight at home :Dance plays an important role in improving mental and physical health.There are many ways to

 But dancing helps to enhance the memory of man.  There are many types of dance.  Even though all kinds of dancing are

usually performed, the rhythm, rhythm, and steps must be carefully learned and observed.  Concentration often increases

memory.  Even the science world agrees.  Thus dance is very good for health.Excess cholesterol accumulation can..