Cardamom benefits weight loss :In auspicious time, cardamom is used for baking baking or any other dessert.  But this is not limited to liking!

The only reason it is a little expensive is that the cardamom is very healthy if you look at all the benefits.  This spice is present in almost everybody's kitchen.

There is no homemade vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine, no sweet delicacies, there must be cardamom to enhance the flavor!

Such a delicate cardamom is not limited to home cooking, but in many ways medicinal, and plays an important role in the health of the people.

Usually in the summer, we get thirsty, we drink too much water, so we don't need to drink water in the same rainy or cold season.

It is for this reason that the toxins present in the body cannot be completely excreted.  In addition, the digestive system can also be

affected, and the food we eat may not be properly digested and there may be constipation problems and other health problems.

There is also a reduction in skin radiance.  The main reason for this is that the toxins stay away from our body.

So to get rid of all these problems, mixing a little cardamom powder into nail warm water is good if you have a habit of drinking

It is delicious and healthy to drink.For those who already have an excessive amount of obesity in the body, along with the shape of

the body and the weight of the body, the cardamom water in the morning on empty stomach can provide amazing benefits.