Can you lose weight by walking :Walking or walking is very important for the body.  We can reap a lot of benefits from this.  Read the information in the Stories.

Walking is vital when it comes to fitness or health.  Daily 5 minutes of walking gives us many benefits for the body and allows us to live a healthier life.

Sleeping immediately after a meal, sleeping for 8 hours in the morning and sleeping in the afternoon are all signs of laziness.

There may be no time for a stressful life to be upon us.  But when giving to mobile or TV, give 3 minutes to your health.

As you know, strenuous walking can reduce body fat and reduce weight.  For those who want a slim body beauty, it is very

important to walk with a tight fit.  Also be sure to eat nutritious foods.  This is because both body punishment and diet produce the same results.

Recently, the risk of heart disease has been increased at an early age.  If you need to tuck in small to prevent this from happening, do regular walking.

Make meals, snacks, baths, even sleepwalking a part of your daily routine.  Schedule a specific time and walk in the morning or evening.

Mainly walking at any time of the day is said to be good for physical and mental wellbeing.  But walking after lunch is a great time for weight loss