Black rice benefits for diabetes :There are many varieties of rice.  Information about black rice is good for heart health

including diabetes, weight gain and eye health.The use of rice for food has been the norm since ancient times. There is a 

history of rice consumption among Indians. Various types of rice and other snacks are also popular. There are many varieties of rice.

White rice, brown rice, red rice, black rice etc. So when it comes to the question of which rice is best to use, all kinds of 

rice have their own unique nutrients.Black rice has many health benefits.  Black rice is rich in protein and iron.  There is 

also carbohydrates, fiber, and a small amount of fat.  Thus, eating rice with black rice is a perfect meal.  This rice was first

grown in China.  Black rice is now used in India too.  Here's a look at the benefits of this healthy rice.Diabetics are required

to follow certain dietary restrictions.  Foods with high sugar content should not be consumed.  Thus black rice rice and other 

food items are more useful for such a diet.Black rice has low sugar content.  Black rice also contains antioxidants.  Thus 

diabetics can consume this black rice without fear.  Also, this black rice has no gluten content.  Thus it can be consumed even in people who have a bowel problem.