Best vegetables to eat during pregnancy :Eating vegetables is essential for the health of the pregnant woman.

As we all know, pregnant women care just as much about their health as they do in the daily diet they consume.

Eat unhealthy foods first and eat only healthy foods.  In this article, we will look at vegetables that should be consumed during pregnancy.

You should know that plant-based kernels, such as herbivores, contain high amounts of iron, folate, protein, and high amounts of

calcium.  Such as peas, peas, peanuts, etc.  It is advisable to include such pulses in the diet of a pregnant woman

Doctors say that green leafy vegetables and green vegetables should be used more often in the diet.  This is because the body gets all

the nutrients it needs.It is also good for pregnant women and for growing rabbits in their stomachs, as they are high in vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin A.

Also, green vegetables have a high fiber content, and the nutrient supplements found in green leafy vegetables are neatly

maintained in the body of a child with low physical weight.Thick chilli or capsicum, when used with a hot hot banda or a

sausage!  But remember this is not limited to will, but it also includes a lot of health benefits.This vegetable is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals