Best time to eat dry fruits:When you get up in the morning, eating certain foods on an empty stomach can have a lot of health

 benefits ...Is there a habit of drinking tea or coffee immediately after waking up in the morning?  So stop this bad habit

now!  From a health point of view, these practices are not good for health.As you know, as soon as we get up in the morning,

our health depends on who we eat on an empty stomach.  So the foods we eat at this time and some healthy habits in the early

morning, both of which should be healthy.Some people drink coffee in the morning, while others prefer to drink herbal tea, or

plain tea, all while keeping them indirectly refreshed, improving their physical and mental health, and keeping their whole day busy.

Those who are concerned about their health, even if they get up early in the morning, eat almonds soaked throughout the night

on an empty stomach.  Do you know how many health benefits there are?  Similarly, let's learn about some of the healthy habits of Manjane ...

As the month of Ramadan is already underway, Khajurams are plentiful everywhere.  As with all dry fruits, these are equally expensive, so there's no cheating on the health thing!

The high calorie content and natural sugar content, especially in the kharguru, helps to increase the body's energy and vitality.