Benefits of strawberry for skin:You know that lots of fruits are good for health.  Similarly, one wonders if strawberry fruit is known for its health.

In general, fruits play a role in keeping the body healthy.  This is why our elders say that fresh fruits, grains and vegetables should be consumed in sufficient quantities

For that matter, red berries are flavored.  Strawberry is one of those red fruits.  Learn briefly through the article how this fruit has a lot of nutrients and is beneficial for health.

The nutrients in strawberries Strawberry contains only 23% calories. So you can include this fruit in your diet.

91% is filled with water. Natural sugar content is 4.9% g. It has enough protein, fiber, fat. It is also rich in vitamin C and potassium.

Some studies have shown that regular consumption of anthocyanins in strawberries may reduce your risk of heart disease.

It also has the power to relieve blood pressure. Consumption of strawberries on a regular basis is good for the body.

Potassium in strawberries offers great benefits for people with high blood pressure.Consuming this red fruit can help prevent...

Strawberries are supposed to be eaten immediately. Its elegant color and taste make it appealing and it has very good health benefits

The fruit, which is high in fiber and water content in strawberries, is believed to help relieve inflammation.