Urine color chart infection here is the information

Urine color chart infection:Any improvement in health is known through the urine.

Urine color chart infection here is the information

Excretion of toxins and toxins in the body passes through feces and urine. It should also be noted that feces and urine are indicative of our health. If there is an illness, then the doctor may promptly recommend a urine or feces test.

Urine color chart infection

Factors like excretion in the feces can also help us know how our health is doing. If the stool or urine is strange then you should notice.

The smell of sweetness from the urine! It is a symptom of diabetes

If the urine smells sweet, then you should notice here that you may be suffering from diabetes. The urine can smell like glucose in the urine.

If the odor is present in people who already have diabetes, this is an indication that blood sugar levels are out of control. Ketone ache is caused by excessive dieting and certain metabolic problems.

Red urine

If the color of the urine is red or pink, then the blood in the urine is an indication of the inclusion.

It can be a kidney problem, infection or a serious cancer problem. If the urine is brown then this is a serious liver infection problem.

Foamy urine

If consumed with coffee, garlic or asparagus, it can cause urine odor. But if the odor is still coming from not eating these foods, then you can say that you are infected.

Holding your pee can cause uti here is the information

It can be said that the kidneys emit protein or glucose. The smell may be coming from this.

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence can be caused by laughing, sneezing or exercising and this may be due to weak pelvic muscles. These problems can be avoided with just a few exercises.

(Urine color chart infection)Decreased urination

Generally, drinking too much water should correct the urination. But for some people, urination may not be right.

If you are excreted out less than 400 ml of urine per day, you should increase your water intake. If urination is not correct, you should consult a doctor.

Inflammation if urinated

Kidney and bladder infections Bacteria can cause inflammation and this can cause pain.

If inflammation is present, it can become a symptom of sexual diseases. This may be a symptom of gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Increased urination

Increase in urination during pregnancy. Some hormonal changes during pregnancy result in increased blood flow to the kidney and increased urination.

Alcohol or caffeine intake, if not pregnant, can increase urination. But if there is a problem with this then you should consult a doctor.

Bladder infection

Frequent urination is a problem with urinary tract infection. It can cause irritation in the bladder and bladder.

This can lead to frequent urination. It can cause severe pressure or pain in the bladder.

(Urine color chart infection)If urine smell is coming

If there is a large quantity of bubbles in the urine, these can be symptoms of any kidney problem. Urine odor may also indicate a pistol-like problem. It is best if you are tested by a doctor.

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