Teeth pain home remedies here is the information

Teeth pain home remedies:Some of the ingredients we use for cooking are oral problems.

Teeth pain home remedies

The idea that the mouth plays an important role in our digestion process is not known to all of us. The food we eat is to reach the stomach through the mouth. This helps the teeth to digest food properly and help digestion ease.

Teeth pain home remedies

The taste of the food is also due to the tongue that we have in the mouth. But we are not all that worried about oral health, let alone knowing that our work is over if we leave the toothbrush in the morning.

Many problems can occur in the mouth. Using some home remedies to alleviate them is very helpful and does not cause any side effects. In this article we will tell you about some of these ingredients.

Toothache pain

There may be several reasons for the problem of tooth pain. Diseases, infections and gastrointestinal diseases are the major causes. Although it is necessary to visit a dentist, some home remedies can be used.

Problems with gums

There are several causes of inflammation and swelling of the gums. Some spices can help alleviate this.

(Teeth pain home remedies)Clove

Cloves are very beneficial in alleviating the problem of tooth pain. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Place a clove on the affected area. This is to reduce the pain.

It is a natural remedy to alleviate various problems of gums. Its eugenol content is antiseptic and analgesic. This is to reduce the pain and inflammation of the gums. Apply clove oil to gums.

Dry ginger

Dry ginger can be applied to swollen gums to reduce pain and swelling. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and is a pain reliever.


Nutmeg has good anti-inflammatory properties and is very effective in relieving toothache. Brush the nutmeg with a sore tooth and wash it afterwards.

This prevents bacteria from forming in the mouth, which can build up in the teeth. One-pinch nutmeg powder should be scrubbed to the teeth. After this the mouth should be dipped in water. This causes the lining of the teeth to disappear.


It has anti-bacterial properties and is very good for gums and teeth. This is to reduce tooth pain. If you have a toothache then you can slice a piece of cinnamon and swallow it like juice.

(Teeth pain home remedies)Oral odor

If the mouth is bad, then no one can go before it. It is regressive to socialize. These spices work wonderfully to alleviate mouth odor.


Cardamom has good aroma and anti-bacterial properties to alleviate mouth odor. It can be soaked or smelled of cardamom tea.


Eating too much anise after a meal can relieve oral odors and thus aroma to the mouth. This is to attack the bacteria in the mouth.

To whiten teeth

Everyone wants their teeth to shine. But indifference to some for taking oral care. These spices can be used to whiten teeth.

(Teeth pain home remedies)Sesame

If you brush your teeth like sesame, the tooth lining will be torn off. The mouth is whitened with sesame oil but the teeth become white. Rinse your mouth with sesame oil for 15 minutes. After this, dip your mouth in water. If so, then the teeth will shine.

Khas Khas

If the body temperature is high the ulcer is present in the mouth. Khas Khas To cool the body. Khas Khas, coconut nut grate and sugar candy can be used to relieve pain and soreness.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that fight oral ulcers and prevent ulcers. If the paste is applied, the mouth ulcers will be reduced. If the problem does not diminish at home, then consult a doctor.

(Teeth pain home remedies)Mouth ulcers

There are several causes of ulcer in the mouth. An ulcer in the mouth due to some illness. But stay away from savory and sour foods. Some of the ingredients are to avoid mouth ulcers.

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