Aloe vera farming:Earn big money from aloe vera, agricultural scientist gave important information

Aloe vera farming:Aloe vera is cultivated on less fertile land, as well as can get better production in less manure. But for good yield, while preparing the field, 10-15 tonnes of decomposed cow dung should be used per hectare, it increases the production qualitatively. Aloe Vera is also known as Ghritkumari or Guarpatha. It is … Read more

Central Government subsidy schemes for Agriculture 2021

Central Government subsidy schemes for Agriculture:Separate grants will be given on certified and base seeds of wheat, gram, peas, lentils, mustard, and teishi. 50 percent subsidy will be given on seeds of less than 10 years duration and Rs 15 on seeds of more than 10 years duration. The sowing of Kharif crop is almost … Read more

Potato prices:Potato may prove to be a loss deal for farmers this year, know why the prices have been halved in Bengal

Potato prices have fallen by more than 50 percent this year. The condition is that farmers are finding it difficult to even recover the cost. This is the reason why they are hesitant to take potatoes out of cold storage till the prices rise. In West Bengal, potato prices have fallen by more than 50 … Read more

organic farming:The women of Visakhapatnam, improving the future of the country’s agriculture with children

organic farming:Pulamathi was fond of farming since childhood. Before marriage, when she was doing BEd, she used to do farming even at that time. After that she got a government job, still she does farming. If a person is sure of his passion and is dedicated towards his goal, then he can achieve anything. Visakhapatnam … Read more

Drip irrigation has changed the life of this farmer of Jharkhand, earns a lot from farming

Drip irrigation:Hakim explains that the biggest advantage of drip irrigation is that it saves water. The well from which they cultivate once through flood irrigation technology, they take out three crops from the same well with the same water. Rain is normal in Jharkhand, yet water flows away due to its geographical location. Due to … Read more

Obesity Prevention and control:overweight Problems

Obesity Prevention and control:If the body is overweight, they may have a brain strain problem.Obesity in the body of those who are obese. The problem of diabetes and hypertension is also worsening. Thus, people with obesity should be more aware of their weight and health. Having a healthy weight will come to you for the … Read more

Government schemes for farmers in India 2021

Government schemes for farmers in India:The central government has made a provision of additional Rs 8,000 crore to help apple and dry fruits traders in Jammu and Kashmir, which includes Rs 2,000 crore for direct purchase of apples from farmers. Apple Farming in Jammu Kashmir: The old picture of Jammu and Kashmir has started changing … Read more

World’s largest pomelo grown in Japan, broke all records

World’s largest pomelo:Pomelo is a sour fruit that contains a variety of health-promoting ingredients. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants. The world’s largest pomelo has been grown in Japan. It sounds very easy to say but in reality it may not have been as easy as we think. It must … Read more

Highest betel leaf producing district in West Bengal

Highest betel leaf producing district in West Bengal:One of the most famous things of Bihar is the famous Magahi Paan here. Like Jardalu Mango and Katarni Chura, Magahi Paan has also got the GI (Geographical Identification) tag. You must have heard the name of Banarasi Paan a lot, but Magahi Paan of Bihar is also … Read more

How to treat leaf spot disease:Types of leaf diseases

How to treat leaf spot disease:In moist and hot areas, white colored insects are found on the plants. These insects can suck the nutrients from the plants and make them lifeless. In such a situation, one should know how to avoid them and if they have been planted in the plants, then how to eliminate … Read more

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