Step by step instructions on how to cut your own hair

Step by step instructions on how to cut your own hair:We usually go to beauty parlors and saloons to give a haircut to it. Here are some simple tips for cutting hair at home instead.

It is important to take care of the hair to be beautiful. To enhance the beauty of the hair, it is very important to do their hair cutting at the right time. Doing so will make your hair look healthier and thicker. If the hair is not cut at the right time, it will thin and branch off the bottom.

Step by step instructions on how to cut your own hair

To cut hair

To trim your hair yourself, you must first shampoo your hair. Because it is easy to cut and comb the clean hair. When your hair is completely dry, start trimming it.

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First, comb your hair backwards. That is, in the opposite direction. We always comb the hair back. But now comb your hair forward and put a ponytail in the middle.

Decide how much hair to cut

Hold the finished ponytail straight and carefully look at how much hair should trim or cut. Cutting hair regularly means thinning hair. So first decide how much hair you want to cut.

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(Step by step instructions on how to cut your own hair)Put a rubber band

Now put another rubber band on top of how much hair you want to cut. It straightens the hair. When cutting, the hair should be evenly spaced. For this you can use scissors two to three times.

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U will be in shape

Now remove the rubber band from your hair and comb the hair back. Now your hair will look like u.

If you have short hair, before cutting, use three to four rubber bands when putting on a ponytail. This makes the hair straight and easier to cut.

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