South indian breakfast list

South indian breakfast:Breakfast reveals how we engage in activity throughout the day. What breakfast do you have today?

South indian breakfast

Your breakfast will affect your daily work activities. Nutritious foods encourage you to be active. The food we eat every day has a positive effect on freshness and weight.

South indian breakfast

Most of the foods that are prepared in our South India contain not much butter and calories. These foods are usually high in fiber, protein, healthy fats and high in nutrients. What’s the following breakfast today?


Super food for kids ranging from idli to adult. Rave Idli, Instant Idli, Rice Idli, Jasmine Idli, Plate Idli are idli delicacies made with many different names and ingredients.

The coconut chutney and red sambar, next to the long ode…. Idly have fewer calories. Using a couple of drops of oil for this is one of the best treats to maintain your health.

Kannada Recipe


Most of the time, most people break their nose. This breakfast may not be good for many people, but the only truth is that it is good for health. Salt can be prepared and consumed with fresh vegetables.

It also helps to fill your stomach and stay healthy because it has less calories. Recently available in the market to prepare instant salt. They also include dry fruits. You can opt for spaghetti salt instead of semolina salt.


Is this what Putu is asking for? It is one of the most popular breakfast foods in South India and is prepared mostly in Kerala. It is also cylindrical in shape, similar to some kind of idley. It is a popular breakfast and can be eaten with curry, ripe banana and egg broth. This pudding with low calories is good for health and fills your stomach.


Khara Pongal Sweet Pongal reminds us of temples. Khara Pongal, usually one of the South Indian breakfast, is an excellent choice for your breakfast.

It fills your stomach and tastes amazing. The nameplate keeps your stomach cool. Khara Pongal with chutney further enhances the taste.

(South indian breakfast)Appam

Appam is often the most popular breakfast in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Although it looks like a pancake, the taste alone is amazing.

Made with rice flour and coconut milk, this breakfast is excellent for the body. This breakfast is called one way or another in the state. Appam in Tamil, Appam in Malayalam, Kodavas are known by various names as Paddu or Bubble Erippa.

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