Side effects of sleeping with a fan on you !!

Side effects of sleeping with a fan on you :Sleeping in the air for long periods of time can cause many health problems. See what’s about that information.

We have heard the saying that there is no other violence than sleeping in Sec. There are also those who say that Seke’s shot doesn’t come without a fan. For some, the fan cannot sleep without air for any length of time. It’s okay to invite a number of health problems with regular fan use. For some, sleeping under a fan can be comfortable. For some, the health of the morning is worse.

Side effects of sleeping with a fan on you

But it is also true that sleeping under a fan on a regular basis can lead to chronic illness. So do you know who can be sick? Learn about the risk of this illness before going to bed under a sec.

Muscles tightening

Overnight, a cold breeze blows the muscles over time. Also, exposure to constant artificial cold air can make the legs, neck, and back muscles feel tighter in the morning. This can lead to chronic pain over time.

Thus, adopt methods that can be avoided. For example, take a bath before going to bed, put on meshes and peel out the windows, and use cotton cloth bed sheets. This will help you get healthy and full sleep.

Lung problem may be present

Sleeping in the fan air for 8 to 9 hours daily can cause lung problems. Mucous deposits such as mucus in the chest can cause respiratory problems.

There are also risks of cardiovascular disease. To avoid this you need to wake up and drink water frequently. It is impossible to sleep well. Practice sleeping in the natural air as much as possible.

Dry skin

Sleeping all night in the fan air can make the eyes wet and dry. The skin can also be dry. This can cause skin problems to persist, such as cracking the skin during the winter. Thus avoids enough fan air and sleeping.

If left in the fan, there is no other option but to lay down the creams to moisturize the skin. Massaging the legs with coconut oil can help prevent dryness of the skin.

Allergies can occur

Fan air can cause allergies. Dust and litter in the fan room can cause the fan to breathe with air. It can cause allergic reactions such as cold, throat irritation, headache, and runny nose. So be sure to clean the room before using the fan.

So to prevent allergies, the fan should be covered with a thin cotton cloth instead of air. It offers a comfortable feel. Sleep also helps keep things coming.

(Side effects of sleeping with a fan on you)Back pain problem

Sleeping under the fan all night can cause back pain in the morning. The fan airs the same way with no fluctuations. Continuous ventilation for 8 to 9 hours can lead to muscle spasm and back pain. Avoid the fan as much as possible.

Instead of a fan, you have to sleep in natural air. Or if that’s not possible, take a bath in cold water before going to bed. Then the body cools down and causes you to sleep better without causing seizures.

Iron-rich fruits and vegetables

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