science Gk Biolagy-Zoology quations with answers

In this article we discribed about science Gk Biolagy-Zoology quations with answers,help to improve the knowledge of the mind.

We are discussing today inside (Anatomy)the body of the animal quiz.

science Gk Biolagy-Zoology quations with answers

1.what is the life span of Red blood cell (RBC)

Answer:120 days 

2.How much ribs in human body is present?


3.which is the smallest flightless bird?


4.Which is the Vertibrates that has two chamberd heart?


5.what is the life span of white blood cell ( WBC)

Answer:2-15 days

6. Number of muscle in human body ?


7. Largest cell in human body ?

Answer:Nerve cell

8.which is the largest human cell ?


9.what is physical phase of life is called ?


10.which animal never drink water in entire life

Answer:kangaroo rat

11.which of the following is the ‘ master gland’ ?

Answer:Pituitary gland

12.Hormones are produced by

Answer:Endocrine glands

13.Saurology is the study of


14.what is the full form of ADH?

Answer:Anti Diuretic harmone

15.what is normal value of blood sugar in the body?

Answer:80to120 g

16.which is largest blood vessels in the body?


17.which of the following carries in pure blood ?

Answer:Pulmonary artery

18.Who had performed the world’s first heart transplant?

Answer:Christian Bernard

19.which of the following is not an allatrope of Carbon?


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