Safety rules in the kitchen this are most important

Safety rules in the kitchen this are most important:Everyone needs to know these steps before cooking.

Safety rules in the kitchen this are most important

Although the kitchen is a place for home-grown food, there are many dangers. Even with a little caution, the danger is building. Therefore, everyone should be very careful if using the kitchen.

Safety rules in the kitchen this are most important

It is advisable to take care of this as the kitchen floor is slippery and can be hazardous. We will tell you what precautions you can take in the kitchen.

Wear a safety shoe

The knife can slip into the leg when cutting any vegetable or meat. In this case the safety shoe used in the kitchen will be used. This will prevent injury to the leg and provide protection from hot water and glass shards.

Learn about a fire extinguisher

Fire hazards are more likely in the kitchen. Thus, in the event of a fire in the kitchen, it is necessary to know how to use a fire extinguisher.

Always keep the fire extinguisher in the kitchen. If the kitchen is on fire, then it can be devastating in a few minutes. It can be extinguished using baking soda.

(Safety rules in the kitchen)Learn how to use a knife

It is very difficult to cut with a sharp knife and if it is slipped by hand, it can cause damage.

So always sharpen the knife. Cut the vegetable or other stuff you need with the right kind of knife.

Safe clothes

Wear clothing that is too long and loose. If this is the case, it can ignite clothing.

Wearing sleeveless clothing can be very rewarding. This will help prevent fires. Wear clothing that does not catch fire.

Avoid burning

Make sure that the hand and the lid of the container are in the correct position. This is to avoid food spills and burning hands. Use the upper part of the stove and the oven properly. Do not use slippery clothes to hold hot containers.

Safety rules in the kitchen:Always wash hands

Wash hands thoroughly with hot soapy water before and after cooking. Wipe your hands properly with paper towels.

Be sure to clean the sink and other surfaces properly if raw meat and juice is made. This will prevent the spread of bacteria.

Be careful when removing the lid

The lid is hot as you close the container. Thus you should take care when removing it. It can fall on me and cause burns.

Similarly, you should be careful not to overdo any ingredient.

Do not put hot glass on a damp surface

As soon as the glass is hot, it will cool down. This means that a hot glass container or glass should not be placed on a cold surface. This will break the glass.

Do not use metal on a nonstick

If metal is used on a nonstick, it will damage the container. Most often, non-stick and Teflon containers should not be used for metal suits. Use a plastic or wooden suit that is already made.

Safety rules in the kitchen this are most important:Do not use a single cutting board

Each material must be properly washed and used. But be very careful when using an object. You should not use the same cutting board for fruit, vegetables and meat.

One for cutting raw meat, poultry and fish, and another for cutting fruit and vegetables. Even if you use a single board, it must be cleaned properly. After this, vegetables and fruits should be cut first.

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