Rice water for hair growth results 1 week

Rice water for hair growth results 1 week:It is also common for people with dry hair to get irritated and lack proper nutrition. But nature has provided the right nourishment for this. A mixture of rice water and honey is the solution to this problem.

Rice water for hair growth results 1 week

Only women who have this will know how difficult it is to maintain dry hair. Do not bleed easily, get caught repeatedly, tear off, break in between. Hair care is temporary and all of these problems recur in a short span of time.

Rice water for hair growth results 1 week

Why is it that only a few people get dry? It is caused by genetic causes and cannot be prevented. The scalp hair follicles of these troubled women do not produce enough natural oils and thus do not provide the necessary moisture for the hair. In other cases, moisture from the scalp can be greatly reduced due to other health or external causes.

The solution is to restore the lack of moisture to the hair. This solution is made possible by the very simple materials. They are rice-soaked water and a little bit of honey.

How does rice water and honey help dry up?

Rice water contains amino acids and a nutrient called inositol. These same hair follicles help to stabilize and repair damaged hair. Vitamin E, B and other antioxidants can also provide moisturizing to the hair.

Honey is an excellent softener and is used for treating skin and hair. At the same time, honey has unrivaled anti-oxidant properties and moisturizing properties, enhancing firmness by providing the necessary nourishment and moisture for the hair. Honey also has powerful antibacterial properties and helps to fight infections at the base of the hair.

How to use rice water and honey mix?

Required materials

1 large tablespoon of pure honey -½ cup to rice – Cold water as needed.

Rice water for hair growth results 1 week:Method of use

Step 1: Put one cup of drinking water and half a cup of rice in a small pot. (To be). Leave it for about two hours.

Step 2: Heat a little water in another pot. As soon as the nail is warm, pick the foam. Stir and mix the honey.

Step 3: Now drain the rice in the first container and collect the water in(this rice can then be cooked and used for lunch)

Step 4: Mix the water and honey in the second container to this water.

How to apply this water to your hair?

First of all, just rinse your hair with nail polish. This hot scalp is able to open the pores in the skin and absorb the water of the rice now.

Apply this water on the scalp and massage it to reach each hair follicle. At the same time, apply this same water to the ends of the hair. Empty all the water and empty it. Keep the hair as wide as possible. Leave to dry for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then just rinse with cold water or nail polish. If it’s not going anywhere at all, let it dry for a while. Even better if you go out at night and head out in the morning.

Rice water for hair growth results 1 week:Do it twice a week

Perform this procedure at least twice a week. This can happen at least once a week. Not more than twice. It takes some time to understand the effect. So don’t be disappointed if you don’t see results in the first two weeks. As you continue this practice, your hair will gradually become healthy, lush and shiny.

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