Respiratory and heart problems caused by air pollution

Respiratory and heart problems caused by air pollution:Air pollution causes many problems in the body.

We are already seeing the effects of climate change. This is the result of year-round rainfall, severe summer and lack of winter. Industries,

Respiratory and heart problems caused by air pollution

Today, air pollution from automobiles etc. is going to have a direct impact on people’s health.

The effect of air pollution

The impact of air pollution in the national capital, Delhi, has been so high that it has created a situation in which children’s health has been declared a holiday. Air pollution causes toxins to accumulate in the lungs leading to further infection.

These toxic elements can sometimes accumulate in the blood vessels and cause damage to the organs. Scientists studying air pollution have confirmed that airborne toxins accumulate in the lungs.

Insulin Resistance Enhanced by Air Pollution High Fat Diet

Scientists say that if you eat air pollution and high-fat foods, you have a problem with insulin resistance and metabolism.

One group of rats were fed a fat diet and another group of rats were exposed to contaminated air for 24 consecutive weeks. Insulin resistance and metabolic abnormalities were observed in two groups of mice.

(Respiratory and heart problems caused by air pollution)Pollution from heart disease, diabetes

When scientists studied air pollution in Delhi and Beijing, they found that the PM2 was in the air.

It is built on automotive, smoke and some other forms of human use. This factor is a major cause of disease.

The effect of air pollution on the artery can cause heart attacks and strokes. Studies have found that type 2 diabetes is caused by air pollution.

The risk can be mitigated

Scientists have said that if an unhealthy diet is followed in an area where air pollution is present, then the risk of disease is high.

Scientists have found that if you follow a healthy diet, the impact can be reduced.

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