Piles home remedies food Know here

Piles home remedies food:Piles problem can be solved if you stay away from foods that are high in fiber and have a bad lifestyle …

Piles home remedies food

A lot of people today suffer from piles or hemorrhoids. The Piles problem comes from several reasons. But if it is lost immediately, it will face more problems in the coming days.

Piles home remedies food

So there is no need to ignore this issue. Some people have piles problems on the outer part of the body. In such cases there will be no bleeding but only extreme pain.

Triple powder

Every night, before bed, 4 g. Triple powder should be mixed with hot water. If consumed regularly in this way, the problem can be cured.


Health experts suggest adding Asafoetida to their diet. It can be added to vegetables daily or dissolved in a glass of water and consumed every day.

This is Indian spice. Used to enhance the taste of cooking and solve various health problems. It improves digestion and can cure hemorrhoids.

Drink warm water before going to bed

You can drink a glass of warm water or normal temperature water before going to bed at night. This method facilitates digestion and detoxifies the body. Helping to dispose of unwanted waste in the body.

It also cleanses skin cells by sweating more. Helps remove toxins and excess salt.

All the functions of the body are easily carried out by holding water in the body even while sleeping. Blood circulation is better. Issues such as constipation are alleviated.

Piles home remedies food:Radish Juice Best Homemade

Grind some fresh radish and collect herb juice. Since it is a bit too expensive, first start drinking a quarter cup and gradually drink half a cup of juice a day. Follow this procedure for about a month.


According to health experts, it is recommended to eat a salad such as cucumber and carrot every day after breakfast. Vegetables like carrots have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is beneficial to treat hemorrhoids. High levels of vitamin C and K can help improve blood vessels and health.

Foods processed and fried in oil

Monsoon or winter time means that the mind suddenly leans toward food fried in oil. Keeping it off limits is a good idea.

But some people prefer oil fried foods in the afternoon, evening snacks and even at dinner. This may increase the risk of hemorrhoids.

(Piles home remedies food)Caffeine content

Coffee and tea are healthy for our body if we drink in moderation. But when it is practiced several times a day, the amount of water in the body is very damaging. This can be called a dehydration problem.

It also impairs bowel movement and the function of other organs. So instead of consuming as much coffee and tea as possible, try drinking green tea. This is also very good for the Piles problem.

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