PC Screen recording:Here are 7 easy ways to make a PC screen recording

PC Screen recording :Has facilitated. This is creating new jobs. Among them.

Screen recording

When playing a game on a computer, it is sometimes necessary to record a computer screen while telling a colleague about a new piece of software online, or teaching relatives how to use a computer.

Once upon a time, one had to hold a camera to record a PC screen. But times have changed. There are several easy and good ways to record a PC screen. So let’s see how many devices can record a PC screen.

PC Screen recording Windows 10 Game Bar

If you recently bought a computer with Windows 10 on the new model, there is every possibility that it has an Xbox Game Bar. This game bar is particularly prominent if it is a gaming laptop. In other systems it is hid. Although in reality it is a gaming device, it can be used for other purposes as well.

Find the Xbox app on your computer and run it. Then press the [Windows] + [G] key combination. Now click on ‘Yes this is a game’ which will pop up on the screen and launch the Game Bar. Just click on the record button and everything on your screen will start recording. The recorded video is saved in the video folder in MP4 format.

The settings of this recording can be changed if needed. However, be aware that not all new Windows 10 PCs have this feature. So let’s learn more ways of recording the screen.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the best screen recording apps currently available on the market. Another plus point is that it is available for free use. You can use it for full screen recording or start live streaming screen. It can also capture 60FPS quality images. It is necessary to read some information when using it. However, once you understand its use, you will never be able to use another recording app again.

Flashback Express

PC Screen recording:This is another free use screen recorder that is easy to use. Screen recording can be started on different models once it is installed. You can start recording as you would like with a full screen or something small or a part of the screen you want or a video of a webcam. It is also possible to record mic audio on a different track.


This is a paid app and you may need to pay around Rs 5000 for it. It is not an ideal app for gamers as it is an app designed for early users. However, if you want to make a good video about your blog, vlog or whatever, it supports a wide variety of video and is very easy to add graphics.

PC Screen recording PowerPoint

You read that right. PowerPoint is also useful for screen recording. If you are currently installing a new Office 365 version on your computer, this will be very useful for you. Open the PowerPoint app and press ‘Insert’ tab and then select ‘Screen Recording’. Here you can only select the area you want to record. Recording can also pause when not needed. The editing options are very limited.

Quick Time Player

QuickTime Player can be especially useful if you are still using an old PC or laptop. Pros and Cons You can use it if you need an antique recording app that is compatible with your old Mac system.

PC Screen recording Mac OS Screen Recorder

The current New Year’s MacOS Mojave has a separate tool kit for screen recording. The screen shot tool appears when you press the [Command] + [Shift] +5 key combination from the keyboard. In this you can select the area you need to record. You can also choose where to save the video that will be recorded later.

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