Benefits of spring onions Do you know why?

Benefits of spring onions:Do not skip the sweet spring onion or onion flowers alone. Here is the reason. Many people quit using onions as the onion is a common cold. Others find that onions are served with a little jaggery every day, which is good for the heart. Onions are sometimes used more for cooking. … Read more

Largest toor dal cultivation area in India

Toor dal cultivation area in India:Here in Maharashtra, where Toor dal is produced on a large scale, there has been less sowing than before. Toor has been sown in an area of ​​10.85 lakh hectares so far in Maharashtra. The area under sowing of Toor, the main pulse crop of Kharif season, has increased in … Read more

Most expensive medicinal herbs in India

Most expensive medicinal herbs in India:It is used in pickle, vegetable, chutney and as a spice. Apart from this, people also use it for high blood pressure, stomach diseases, digestive problems, lung problems, cancer, arthritis, impotence and blood diseases. Garlic is such an agricultural product, which is used from spice to medicine in Ayurveda. In … Read more

Tea export from India statistics,Indian tea export data

Tea export from India statistics:According to a report by global trade finance company Drip Capital, India exported coffee worth around USD 720 million in 2020-21, out of which 42 per cent is mainly Robusta coffee beans. Coffee exports from India have declined over the past decade amid rising global coffee processing costs and increasing demand … Read more

Government subsidy for poultry farming, apply like this, know all the things related to it

Government subsidy for poultry farming:In 2019-20, the government was trying to connect about 10 thousand farmers with poultry farming by giving subsidy, but due to Corona, this industry suffered a big loss. That is why the government started the portal for subsidy in February. Now farmers are being helped through this. In view of the … Read more

Benefits of drinking orange juice empty stomach

Benefits of drinking orange juice empty stomach:Too much trouble for a young child to have a hidden problem. Drink orange fruit juice. Dementia is called dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Usually say 60 years old on the palate. That case can be likened to this disease. Some people are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease before … Read more

It is one of the most aggressive animals on this earth

Most aggressive animals on this earth:One study found that soil emissions increased by more than 70% per year in places infested with wild boars. Worldwide, wild boars dig up between 36,214 and 123,517 square kilometers of soil every year, which is roughly the size of Taiwan and England. Wild boars are one of the most … Read more

What are Mega Food Parks, through which 6.6 lakh people got employment, how do farmers get benefits?

What are Mega Food Parks:There is a system of storage of agri products in Mega Food Park. Apart from this, their price is increased by processing these products, that is, those raw materials are converted into high-priced products. How does Works Mega Food Park: Mega Food Park means the arrangement of the farmers after production, … Read more

Quail farming in India will earn more at less cost, know

Quail Farming in India: Dr. Pramod Kumar says that farmers are now making efforts to increase their earnings, so quail farming is becoming a better business. In which neither much effort nor much money is spent. Farmers excited about poultry farming have now got a new farming, farmers are now trying their luck in quail … Read more

The power to fight cancer is the strawberry fruit!

The power to fight cancer is the strawberry fruit:Don’t think strawberry berries are just delicious to eat. It has the potential to cure malignant cancer. Strawberry fruit that looks like a tiny little red heart to look at is a raised hand in providing taste and health benefits. The strawberry fruits of the rose flower … Read more

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