Neutral eyeshadow looks step by step

Neutral eyeshadow looks step by step:Eye makeup changes the face beauty. Do you know how to do eye makeup properly?

Neutral eyeshadow looks step by step

Tender eyes that stand out in the skin. The forested eyes further enhance the beauty of the skin. The look of a forest can completely change the appearance of women.

Neutral eyeshadow looks step by step

Getting ready for any event requires beautiful eye makeup, right? Most people do not know how to do eye makeup. This causes the dark spots to appear and shorten the appearance of the face after a while.

So read on and follow the step by step how to make eye makeup.

1.Use an eye primer

We recommend using eye primer for your eye makeup for a long time. Using it helps to create a smooth skin surface for your eye. Do this. First apply a small amount of eye primer to your eye and leave it dry for a while. Then use an eye shadow or concealer.

2.Eye Makeup Brush

Most importantly, eye makeup brushes are different from other makeup brushes. This make-up brush will enhance your eye makeup. You use a smaller brush. This means that using such a brush will not harm the application. You can also make Eye Makeup like many Makeup Experts.

3.Use Basic Shades

After completing the above step, apply basic shades that will suit your eye. The shade of the middle color exterior line, you can paint it to match the color of your skin. Look for white skin using light black shades as basic shades, which will enhance your beauty.

4.Use the shade of your choice

Start with the color you choose, the top of the eyelid, which extends out of the eye. Glide the Eye Shadow Brush on this side. You can choose a color like peach, pink or light orange to suit your dress. At this point, make sure the brush you choose is correct. It is advisable that you use an angled brush.

5.Use eyeliner and eyeliner(Neutral eyeshadow looks step by step)

Your eye makeup is finished. Another is to increase 40% eyeliner and eyeliner. Buy a suitable eyeliner that is available in the market for your eyes. Slowly coat them. As well as the bottom of the eye. Artificial eyelashes will enhance your eye makeup. Use mascara to make the eyelids look natural. Apply mascara to the lower eyelid and upper eyelid. Leave to dry for a while.

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