Navratri fasting rules-Healthy tips 2021

Navratri fasting rules:There is fasting during feast days. But shouldn’t our health also be accounted for at this time?

Navratri fasting rules-Healthy tips 2021

It is the occasion of Navratri, the festival of the richest Hindu tradition that has been going on for almost an entire year. Because it’s not just a one-day festival. It is traditionally celebrated for the entire nine days in a festive atmosphere with the people worshiping God in a very strict and festive manner.

Some people even observe their fasts in strict observance of fasting so that they do not drink a single drop of water the whole day.

But if you look at it from a scientific standpoint rather than a traditional one, a strict fasting can have a negative impact on health, leading to a variety of health problems.

Navratri fasting rules-Healthy tips

So in addition to festive celebrations, you also need to protect your health. Eat foods that provide as much water and other nutrients to your body as possible during this time and keep your body from becoming over-tired and fatigued.

Come and learn the best habits in this article.

No need to fast to the point of starvation

If you are fasting at night, do not give your body any food.

This is because your body can become quite drowsy. In the long run it can bring you physical fatigue, high acidity and headaches. So go ahead and celebrate the festival with your health.

Do not consume unnecessary food items

Avoid consuming foods that are high in oil or ghee, which can ruin your health immediately after starvation and hunger strikes during fasting.

This is because these foods can make you feel healthier, even if you have a temporary abdominal pain.

Eat small amounts frequently

If you fast for an entire day, you will have a variety of health problems as mentioned earlier. So you can take a small amount of food during the day and take care of your health.

This is because such foods can speed up your body’s metabolism process and alleviate excess acidity.

Eat large quantities of liquids

Dehydration should not be a problem when your body is starving for no reason. Thus, you should consume different kinds of healthy beverages for your body, including water.

For example, drink lemon juice, coconut water, milk and fruit juice. Eat about 7 to 8 glasses of liquid a day.

(Navratri fasting rules-Healthy tips)Follow the due process

It is possible that the body is premature when fasting. Many people, regardless of festivals, participate in songs and dances related to God during the festival, especially in the evenings, to increase their body fatigue.

The blood sugar level will eventually drop, due to over-tiredness. This in turn leads to the problem of acidity and insomnia in the body. Therefore it is better not to follow such procedures when fasting.

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