NASA Mars application:One year of training to live on Mars! Application from NASA!

NASA Mars application:NASA has taken this project to train people to live on Mars. In this regard, NASA has invited applicants for volunteers who are willing to live in the atmosphere of Mars for a year.


Houston: The goal of space scientists is to build a human colony on Mars. The American Space Research Organization (NASA) has taken a major step in this regard. NASA has applied for volunteers who are willing to live in the atmosphere of Mars for a year.

The atmosphere of Mars has prepared a 3-D printed module that resembles the surface structure. Getting into it gives you the feeling of being on Mars. NASA has come up with a study of what challenges will be placed on the surface of Mars. This will leave four people inside the artificial system for a year.

NASA has taken this project to train people to live on Mars. If a man descends to Mars in the future and has to live there for a while, he will be given the necessary training and the atmosphere on Mars has been created. NASA has decided to train four of them there for a year.

NASA has built Mars Dune Alfa, a 1700 sq ft space at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, USA. There, the atmosphere on Mars is artificially created. The four selected applicants are kept in this house for one year. During this period, their physical and mental condition, their response, what challenges they face, how to live with limited resources, delay in communication, equipment failure, environmental stress, etc. are studied.

In addition, NASA said trainees should practice spacewalking, scientific research, the use of virtual reality, and robotic control.

NASA has launched three programs in preparation for man’s return to Mars. The first of its current program, it is titled ‘Staff Health and Achievement Check ‘. Training will start from September 1 this year and end at 30 next year.

NASA recently succeeded in landing a small ship on Mars, which is currently studying Mars.

NASA Mars application What is the eligibility to apply?

Must be an American citizen. Must be between 30-55 years. Do not smoke. Must know English well. Health must be good. Preferred in Engineering, Mathematics, Biology, Physics or Computer Science. Good if you have a medical course, military training or pilot training.

Above we discribed eligibility and application is available on officials website

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