My hair is falling out from the root what can i do?

My hair is falling out from the root what can i do:Hair fall affects everyone, but most women experience hair loss in their forties to fifties due to menopause.

My hair is falling out from the root what can i do?

Just as there are physical and mental changes in women during menstruation, some changes also occur during menopause. No matter how mentally prepared women are, there is tension during menopause.

My hair is falling out from the root what can i do?

Hair loss problem

Changes in skin, mood swings, irritability along with rapid hair loss. It is natural to get more annoyed when you see all these. But it is even more frustrating when no proper medicine helps to prevent hair loss.

No matter what medicine or shampoo you use, your problem of hair fall is not reduced, the reason for this is not just a problem in your hair, but a problem in your hormones, i.e. changes in hormones due to menopause.

Why does hair fall during menstruation?

Menopause is the process in which women stop menstruating after the age of forty. Its effect increases gradually. By the age of fifty, the full effect is visible. Sagging skin, hair loss and mood swings are the result of menopause.

This happens due to the decrease in the level of estrogen hormone in women’s body. This not only causes hair fall but also starts turning gray. White hair can be darkened with dye, but it takes some effort to prevent hair loss.

Home remedies can be used

This is because there is currently no cure for hair loss. At such times it is better to focus on some home remedies instead of external products.

It will solve your hair fall problem to a great extent. First of all, let’s first understand why hair falls during menopause.


Start applying henna to hair instead of chemical shampoos. You can also add gooseberry powder to mehndi. After preparing the mehndi mixture, you can apply it to your hair.

Mehndi not only nourishes and moisturizes the hair, but also gives color to white hair naturally.

Oil massage

Oil glands gradually become less active during menopause. In such a situation, head massage becomes very important. Massage the scalp with light hands with an oil that suits you. Massage should be done with oiled hands only. It improves blood circulation and activates oil glands.


Gooseberry is very beneficial for hair. It can be used not only for hair application but also as part of food. Drink gooseberry juice. If this seems difficult, gooseberry candy, gooseberry jam or gooseberry pickle are also beneficial.

My hair is falling out from the root what can i do? Food rich in amino acids

Include foods rich in amino acids in your diet. This includes nuts, eggs, green leafy vegetables. By including these in the diet, you can get a rich dose of amino acids, which are beneficial for hair. Nourishes the hair.

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