Makara sankranti:Benefits of sesame-jaggery

Makara sankranti:The Harvest Festival, which is celebrated almost every year on January 14, is the first festival of the year.

Ratha Rato Rato Ratho, mind or mind song is remembering again! Do you know what caused this? The first festival of the year is called the Sankranti festival. But this time too, Corona, the festival has been stumbled across.

Makara sankranti

At this time outside the house, in the vicinity of the tree, as a branch of the tree, the old leaves fall off and the new leaflets come up, making them look cool and mind-blowing.

After a few months of hard work, Capricorn is a festival that celebrates the joy of coming home when the fruit of the crop is protected by wild birds.

Many people believe that the preparation of the feast will usually have a thermal effect against the outside of the body, eliminating bacterial and viral infections. This is because Pongal, sesame jaggery, sugar cane etc are made to be consumed in everyone’s house during the auspicious festival.

Health benefits of sesame

There are many great qualities in toddlers and sesame seeds. Especially in sesame, there are many different antioxidant elements, which can help alleviate the inflammatory problem in our body and control the oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it has the tendency to relieve pain in the joints and muscle spasms.

Studies have shown that consuming bad cholesterol or LDL and high triglycerides can reduce it.

Since sesame is high in calcium, it may work in combating the problem of osteoporosis.

Mainly balances the inflammation of the body and alleviates problems associated with osteoporosis and bones. Maintaining mineral content in the bones prevents bone loss.

Benefits of jaggery

Neem jaggery is given on Capricorn. It promises to be a new and sweeter life, forgetting the bitterness of the past and coming forward.

Jaggery activates the digestion enzyme in the body, promoting bowel function and relieving constipation.

Blood cleansing properties are located in jaggery. If consumed regularly in moderation, this will purify the blood and keep the body healthy.

This is to reduce the pain that appears during the menstrual cycle. It is rich in nutrients and is a good remedy for menstrual problems. Endorphin, which is present in jaggery, is a comfort to the body.

Sweet or savory pongal

Sankranti festival sesame-jaggery is so much famasso as well as pongal.

Its main purpose is to mix the sun’s vitamin ‘D’ in cooking and preserve our health for a whole year without any problems.

Almonds are the seed of the poor

The nutritious ingredients in almonds become available to the human body. But almonds are very expensive. The inevitability is created by the middle class.

So instead of being a natural food item with the same amount of nutrients, it can be understood as chickpea. Almonds contain protein, folic acid, and so on.

People who have an iron deficiency in their body can get rid of anemia if they eat too much chickpeas. In addition, research suggests that chickpea seeds enhance the body’s immune system and protect heart health.

(Makara sankranti)Sugarcane

In South India, most people consume juice like cane milk or sugar cane. It is very good for health because it contains natural sugar. It does not come with any serious health problems.

Sugar cane juice helps detoxify the body. Formation of stones in the kidneys is avoided. There is no urinary tract infection or other complications.

Fiber content is often found in sugarcane milk. This helps in maintaining optimum body weight.

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