Leucas aspera – medicinal uses

Leucas aspera – medicinal uses :There are many health benefits in a tropical plant that does not grow well.

Leucas aspera – medicinal uses

Not a backyard. But many plants around us can be a good home for tens of thousands of health problems. In the backyard of the house blossomed into a seed, and sprouted again. Many have heard the name of this plant. Common in the villages, this herb is a product of herbal health.

Leucas aspera – medicinal uses

Leucas aspera is a delicate flower that grows on the ground and attracts the viewer, leaving little flowers. There are many colors. But white oil has more health benefits. In Ayurveda, the medicinal properties of umbrella are mentioned, and in Sanskrit it is called Drona Pushta or Chitrak shapa. See its astonishing information about its health.

Good for fever

Fever is a chronic illness. There are many houseplants for fever. But the best of all Leucas aspera . The juice temperature of the fever is regulated in half an hour if you remove the leafy juice of the pineapple and add the black pepper or powder. It also helps keep the body warm. Thus, the millet can be used as a good home during fever.

Dark circles remove can help

Stress life, the effect of looking at gadgets all day The problem of eyebrows and dark circles is very common nowadays. Leucas aspera This is the solution for the whole herb. Yes. Rinse the juice with a little water or milk and wash your face. This makes the face feel cold. Also, if it is used as a facepack, the dark circles will gradually decrease.

Improves digestion

Sometimes the food that is eaten is not properly digested in the stomach and can cause indigestion. Then there will be problems such as abdominal pain, headache, and vomiting. Leucas aspera All this will provide a solution. If the whole plant is washed thoroughly, boil it in hot water and then add a pinch of salt. Also resolves abdominal problems. Thus, using an herb is an easy way to improve digestion.

The knot is painful

Knee pain, leg pain are common. But only those who can bear its pain know it. Leucas aspera This is a good thing. Boil some stalks of water well in water. Then take a cloth and dip it in boiled water to a place of pain. This helps relieve pain. Instead of trying too hard, try an easy home.

(Leucas aspera – medicinal uses)Relief for headaches

Pain is a common problem for all ages. Every time a pill is taken as a headache, it can damage many organs, including the kidneys. Thus try homemade. Leucas aspera is the best medicine for headache relief. Add the rootstock, stem, leaf and boil it well in water and take the steam. It can cure headaches very quickly. This is a simple drug with no side effects.

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