Krishna Janmashtami 2021: Know about Krishna

Krishna Janmashtami 2021:The time, place, and star of the child’s birth will determine the future life of that child. Likewise the name of Sri Krishna. Why Krishna is named Sri Krishna? You must know the secret behind the name of Krishna.

Krishna Janmashtami 2021

Nomenclature varies from family to family, from religion to religion, from community to community, culturally, and in diversity in the sciences. But, the goal of all these nomenclatures is to name a cute child for the same thing. The time, place, and star of the child’s birth will determine the future life of that child.

Krishna Janmashtami 2021:The importance of nomenclature

Most importantly, in Hinduism, every child’s name is checked by the parents of that child and the meaning of the name is appropriate for their child. Most parents choose the name of the big man when they name their child. This is the reason why their children should be influenced by them in the future.

Origin of the Name of God

Everyone puts the name of God first when naming their child. It is the God of their household. But, it is interesting where the names for God came from. It’s hard for anyone to think about this.

How did the name of Krishna come about.

This question may be asked by many. Ancient texts have the answer. In some cases this can be satisfactory. Come on, let us know the secrets behind the names of Sri Krishna.

(Krishna Janmashtami 2021)Nomenclature of Krishna

Parents, grandparents, or grandparents decide what that child’s name is for all children. But that is not the case with Krishna. His name is not named after his parents.

The cruelty of Kansa

You may know the story of Kansa, who had heard from the celestial star that her sister would be killed by her eighth child.

Vasudeva called out from Mathura

Fearing Kansa, Vasudeva took the unnamed child from Mathura to Gokula until the birth of the eighth child. The child was placed by the village chief Nanda and Yasodha.

Child Hanana in Gokula

Unfortunately, Kansa killed all the children born in Gokula by leaving his soldiers. As a result, Nanda concealed the birth of a male child. He did not tell any of the priests what he had done to the child for fear of killing the kansa.

The Gurga Code

During the Acharya’s stay, Yashodhaya appealed to them to cover up the baby’s naming of her and her niece. However, the Acharyas said that it was impossible to cover up the matter against the king’s order as he was a faithful priest of the Yadava clan.

Acharya Garga named Balarama

Garga Acharya, who saw the baby of Nandana’s baby, was born in a Rohini star. So much so that she enjoys the life of her immediate surroundings. His second name is Rama. He’s a right fabulous, so people call him right, so let’s be the first name. Putting both together will be a strength.

Krishna Janmashtami 2021:Krishna is the incarnation of Vishnu

Garga Acharya, who took up Nandan’s baby, did not reveal the baby’s birthright but in the previous birth the child represented white, red and yellow. Name it Krishna now because it represents black. Hence the name of Krishna.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami 2021 Date and Preparation

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