KCC loan for Animal Husbandry 2021

KCC loan for Animal Husbandry 2021: 58,000 cattle farmers got Pashu Kisan Credit Card, applicants got loan of Rs 790 crore. These documents will be required for the application.

Kisan Credit Card is no longer limited to agriculture only. If you do animal husbandry, then you can take a loan from banks at a cheap rate to pursue it. Haryana Government has made Pashu Kisan Credit Card for the cattle owners. Under which you can take 3 lakh rupees at just 4 percent interest. An official of the Animal Husbandry Department said that so far 58000 farmers have got the cards.

KCC loan for Animal Husbandry 2021

A loan of Rs 790 crore has been given on this card. This has helped the livestock farmers a lot in increasing their business. The government had sent applications of more than five lakh livestock farmers to the banks. Out of which banks rejected about three lakhs. While approval of about one and a half lakhs has been received. First of all, money will be given to such farmers. In fact, along with agriculture, there is a lot of emphasis on animal husbandry in Haryana. Here about 16 lakh families have 36 lakh milch animals.

So that the income of farmers becomes double

According to State Agriculture Minister JP Dalal, the government has decided to issue this card to 8 lakh cattle farmers. Along with agriculture, the income of farmers also increased from allied sectors, in which animal husbandry is a major sector. On animal credit card, animal husbandry is being given assistance in the form of loan for the maintenance of animals, under this scheme the card is issued according to the number of animals.

40,783 will be available per cow

No guarantee will be required on a loan of Rs 1.60 lakh.
60,249 rupees will be available per buffalo.
40,783 will be available per cow.
For sheep and goat, Rs 4063 will be available.
A loan of Rs 720 will be given to the chicken (for the egg laying).

Card to be given within a month

-Aadhaar card, PAN card is necessary. After filling the application form, you will have to get KYC done. Passport size will also have to be given. Veterinarians can apply by visiting their nearest bank. You will get the animal credit card within one month of application form verification.

KCC loan for Animal Husbandry 2021:animal insurance required

Animals should have a health certificate. Loans will be available on those animals which are insured. Civil should be fine for taking loan. Must be a resident of Haryana.

Application form Click here

Kisan Credit Card

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