Iron-rich fruits and vegetables

Iron-rich fruits and vegetables:Iron deficiency can also cause anemia!

Iron-rich fruits and vegetables

Sitting in an AC room or under a fan, but suddenly my sweating, excessive fatigue even when doing nothing physical, frequent headaches, or, in general, the body needs frequent rest.

Iron-rich fruits and vegetables

If the deficiency of iron is present in the body, it is called anemia, and in medical language it is called anemia. If this problem goes to extremes, Ana’s health problems may start to worsen … so to avoid this iron deficiency, we need to incorporate some healthy foods into our daily diet …

Eat as much fruit-green vegetables as possible

According to doctors, herbs have a higher iron content than carnivores. Green leafy vegetables, for example, are rich in iron in a variety of vegetables. So you should eat as much fruit and vegetables as you can.

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are also a little expensive in dryfruit, but when it comes to health, it is a nutrient-rich seed. Consuming these seeds on a regular basis can help prevent future blood diseases.

The main reason for this is the high content of copper in these seeds and the removal of free radicals such as those in the body. It is said that the iron content is high in comparison to the other varieties of dried fruit. Health experts say that every 30 grams of cashew nuts contains about 2 milligrams of iron.

(Iron-rich fruits and vegetables)Pumpkin seeds and chia seeds

As we all know, yard-sized pumpkin contains an abundance of sugar, magnesium, and fiber, and its seeds, too, contain high amounts of iron. It can also be eaten raw as a snack.

If we have an iron deficiency and have an anemia problem, doctors suggest eating pumpkin seeds. Even darker chia seeds, which are smaller in size, contain an enormous amount of iron, calcium and magnesium.

Chicken Liver

Like chicken meat, chicken liver also contains a large amount of protein and folate, which can help alleviate many blood-related ailments. It is good to include it in your diet in moderation, as it contains vitamin A, vitamin B12 and iron.

Consuming black sesame

Black sesame seeds also have high iron content. The sesame seeds can be roasted in a skillet for a couple of tablespoons. Health experts say that three quarters of every 100 milligrams of black sesame seeds get iron! Then make a habit of eating some sesame seeds later!

(Iron-rich fruits and vegetables)Eat such foods in moderation

Banana, year-round fruit, Vitamin C-rich fruits such as oranges, molasses, berries, and watermelons are the best choice to add to our diet. Becomes.

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