How to use hibiscus for hair growth

How to use hibiscus for hair growth:Methods of hair care using hibiscus flower.

How to use hibiscus for hair growth

Those who are unaware of the hibiscus flower can say very little. Everyone has some kind of beauty benefits. It is also used in some cosmetics nowadays.

How to use hibiscus for hair growth

Hibiscus is available in a variety of colors, especially the red hibiscus. In this article, we will teach you how to take care of hair by making hibiscus oil.

Prepare oil from hibiscus

Oil from hibiscus is a rejuvenation of the scalp and helps with hair growth.

This is to prevent damage to the hair and to keep the hair from breaking. Massage the hair with hibiscus oil twice a week. This will make the blood flow properly.


Take 8 hibiscus flowers
Take the hibiscus leaves
Wash and paste them properly.
Heat a cup of coconut oil.
Now add hot oil to the hibiscus paste.
Now close the lid.
Now let the oil cool down and apply the oil afterwards.
Massage the scalp and hair with it.
Shampoo the next day and wash your hair.

Hibiscus and Aloevera

To make a mask of hair you need to use two wonderful materials. Aloevera improves the quality of the hair and rejuvenates the hair. Similarly, the problem of hair loss, split ends and hair loss is eliminated.

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Make 2 tablespoons of hibiscus flower baskets properly.
Put a tablespoon of aloevera slime.
Make sure to paste this mixture properly.
Apply this paste to the hair and scalp.
Let paste for 45 minutes.
Rinse with lukewarm water after this.

Hair pack of hibiscus and curry leaves

The leaves of currybone play an important role in preventing premature hair whitening. It should be fried with hibiscus. It helps to dye the hair and helps the hair grow.


Take a handful of curry leaves.
Put a handful of hibiscus leaves on it.
Put a tablespoon of coconut oil as well.
Grind it all together and make a paste.
Apply this paste to the scalp and hair.
Massage the hair for 10 minutes.
Let it be for 30 minutes.
After this, rinse off with warm water and shampoo.

Hair Mask of Fennel and Hibiscus

This mask not only removes the dandruff that is present in the scalp but also helps with hair growth. Fenugreek Hair Condition and Eliminate Hair Problems.


Take a handful of hibiscus leaves. Soak two tablespoons of fennel at night. In the morning grind the fennel and the hibiscus flower and make a paste. Add buttermilk to it Apply it properly to the base of the skull and hair. Leave it like that for an hour. Rinse with lukewarm water after this.

How to use hibiscus for hair growth:Granola and hibiscus

If you suffer from a hair loss problem, always rub it on your head. It hydrates and nourishes the hair. It helps in hair growth and thickening of hair.


Take the 3 hibiscus leaves and crush properly.
Add two tablespoons of it.
Mix the two properly.
Apply this paste to the scalp properly.
Massage the hair for 10 minutes.
Leave it on for 20 minutes.
Rinse with lukewarm water after this.

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