How to use ashwagandha for diabetes

How to use ashwagandha for diabetes:In the case of diabetes, it is a disease that cannot be completely cured. But it can be controlled. Ashwagandha in particular has been scientifically proven to be very helpful in fighting diabetes.

Ashwagandha has been widely used in Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times as it is a wonderful herb that cures many diseases. The smell is the reason why this amazing herb got its slightly different name! Do you know that? You may be surprised too!

How to use ashwagandha for diabetes

As the smell of this herb resembles the smell of horse urine, Ayurveda gave it the name Ashwada Gandha or Ashwagandha! Be that as it may, this herb, packed with amazing health benefits, helps in curing many diseases and also in controlling chronic diseases like diabetes. Come read more information about this further…

Ashwagandha for diabetes control

We all know about diabetes or sugar disease. It is not a disease that leaves us once it appears. But by following proper diet, doctor’s medicine and advice along with this Ayurvedic home remedy, this disease can be kept under control to a certain extent.

All the health properties of this ashwagandha are found in the blood sugar of the diabetic patients. Ashwagandha extract increases insulin production.

Importantly, the extract of this plant helps to regulate the secretion of insulin in the blood vessels and also lowers the blood sugar level. Especially people with type 2 diabetes, if they mix this herbal powder with the milk they drink daily, then they will get good results.

How much should be consumed daily?

It is good if one teaspoon of ashwagandha powder is mixed with milk and drunk. Otherwise, you can mix it with water and keep drinking it.

How to make an infusion?

with water Add one to one and a half teaspoon of ashwagandha powder to two cups of water. Boil it for about five minutes and after that strain it and let it cool down for some time, then drink a little at least twice a day…

with ghee

Roast two teaspoons of ashwagandha powder in one table spoon of ghee and add one spoon of date sugar to it and mix well. Then let this mixture simmer for some time.

After this, keep it in the fridge. Take one spoon of its paste and add it to a glass of milk or water and drink it. By doing this, it helps to control the sugar level in the blood, thereby diabetes also comes under control.

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