How to prevent obesity Drinking Healthy Juice

How to prevent obesity:Here is information on healthy drinks that dissolve the obesity factor and control body weight at the same time.

We are responsible for our health care. Similarly, we must also monitor our body weight. If we eat healthy foods for just a few weeks, then suddenly the pelvic floor becomes obese.

But this can ruin our body shape and health. During this time it is difficult to stand outside and stand in front of 4 people. It is very easy to enlarge the waist size in the form of obesity. But it is very difficult to reduce this.

Some natural drinks have to be covered in this regard. Here is the detail about them.

How to prevent obesity

Cucumber lemon and ginger blend drink

These are the materials you need to prepare

A medium sized cucumber A medium sized lemonade 1 teaspoon grated raw ginger About 12 green mint leaves About eight cups of water.

How to Make Healthy Drinks

Take all the aforementioned foods and soak them in water and leave for the night.

Get up early in the morning and get rid of it once in a while and practice the habit of drinking frequently.

Doing this for about four weeks or a month will give you a good idea of ​​your physical shape.

A mixture of cinnamon and honey

That means the stuff you need.

Half a tablespoon of cinnamon powder A glass of water One teaspoon of raw honey.

How to prevent obesity Method of preparing an obese beverage

First take a glass of water and add cinnamon powder and honey ghee.

But the water you take should be cool. There should also be no nail warming.

It can be drunk after mixing.

Prepare and drink it twice a week.

Green Tea

Equipment needed.

A green tea bag and a cup of hot water.

The way to prepare it.

First put the tea bag in a glass of warm water.

You can drink it after a while.

It is beneficial in dissolving your body fat content and reducing your body weight.

Juice of a mixture of vegetables

The vegetables needed to prepare the juice.

You can take any vegetables you like.

Plus 1 carrot, 1 tomato and a small ginger slice.

The method of preparing the juice

First, take the vegetables you need and rinse them clean.

Grate everything in a blender with tomatoes and carrots.

Prepared juice can reduce your body weight and dissolve obesity.

Juice of Khajuraho and Banana Blend

The supplies you need.

A midsize banana, 1 cup almond milk A pinch of cinnamon powder A dried or raw khurjura.

How to prevent obesity The way to prepare a drink

First, take all of the above ingredients and put them in a mixer jar with some water.

It plays an important role in controlling your stomach hunger and promoting your body’s metabolism process.

Eating too much and Some Harmonal imbalance.

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