How to make your sweat smell good naturally

How to make your sweat smell good :Some people have a slight sweat but bad body odor. Food intake is also responsible for the smell of sweat. Look for these foods to help prevent the smell of sweat.

How to make your sweat smell good

Body sweating is good for health. But excessive sweating, odorless sweat is not good. Excessive sweating as a predictor of deficiency or illness of any element in the body. Sometimes the temperature increases, but the body sweats through it.

How to make your sweat smell good naturally

Others have more odor than sweat. It is normal to sweat in summer. There are a lot of other problems. Sweating blisters can be irritating, like itching. Cleanliness is essential. In addition, the body smells of some bacteria. The sweat emitted from everyone’s body is also different.

Sweat can also be controlled by diet. Here’s a look at all foods that can help you get rid of odor and sweat.

The smell of food and sweat

Sweating in the body can ingest more odors than consuming certain foods. For example, too much garlic, onions, and pepper can make sweat even worse. Also, eating too much meat can lead to the smell of sweat. Therefore, eating vegan foods can prevent bad body odor.

Consumption of green vegetables

Consume green vegetables like palak, beans and various kinds of greens. They contain chlorophylls that reduce sweating in the body. This will prevent the body from smelling.

You can eat a vegetable salad, soup, juice or as well as an appetizer. It also provides the body with protein and vitamins.

Consumption of fruits

Vitamin C Reduces sweat in body Eat orange, lemon and grapefruit as much as possible. They also boost immunity. The water content in orange fruits prevents the body from becoming dehydrated. Limbo is also a great way to keep your body cool and lose weight.

Digestive foods

Eating foods that are high in fiber are essential for easy digestion. This prevents the body from accumulating fat in the body and prevents it from getting toxins. Eat more peas, beans, bananas and pomegranates.

It also keeps the body cool. They also provide energy for the body.

Natural Tea

Consume as much caffeine-free tea as possible, including green tea, peppermint tea, lemon tea, and so on to avoid harmful bacteria in the body.

Consume herbal teas every day to improve health. These teas are also helpful for weight loss. Practice herbal remedies to get rid of your body odor.

Onion peel benefits it has Antioxidant properties

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