How to make teeth white naturally from yellow

How to make teeth white naturally from yellow:You don’t have to use expensive ingredients to make your teeth shine like pearls, this home remedy is enough.

How to make teeth white naturally from yellow

Our teeth are also a symbol of beauty. If you are fit and only have teeth that are swollen or blemished, then yellowing will only put you in embarrassment, so here you have the perfect solution for freeing teeth and teeth. Here are some natural ways to help brighten your teeth in no time.

How to make teeth white naturally from yellow:

Stay away from unhealthy habits

The best way to keep your teeth away from stains is to smoke cigarettes, drink too much coffee or soda, and avoid the habit of chewing tobacco. Drinking with straw can prevent your teeth from losing color. Cut out junk food altogether.

Instead, add crunchy fruits and vegetables to your diet, such as apples, carrots, strawberries and celery. Consuming milk and milk-based products, such as yogurt, buttermilk, etc., helps to raise the pH level and re-mineralize the dental enamel, making you laugh again, which may make someone else jealous.

Brush and floss daily

It is important that you take adequate measures to improve your oral health. White brushing toothpaste and electric toothbrush helps eliminate stains and plaque more effectively than a regular brush. Although it is advisable to brush and floss your teeth after each meal, doing so immediately can cause more harm than good.

The acid and sugar produced immediately after eating can temporarily weaken the tooth enamel and make the brushing worse after a meal. Wait an hour before brushing. If not, brush your teeth half an hour before eating. Then rinse your mouth.

Oil Pulling

Washing your mouth with coconut, sesame or tea tree oil will help get rid of the stain and it will prevent any gums problem. Take two tablespoons of any of this oil and rinse your mouth for at least five minutes before spitting. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid eating for the next half hour. Do this twice a day to avoid any dental problems.

Make your own toothpaste

Sacred basil health benefits include dental and oral care. Basil has the ability to whiten and bleach teeth. You can take 15 to 20 fresh basil leaves and rub them, then make your own natural toothpaste. Use this paste and brush every morning and night before bed.

You can also use charcoal to get rid of the plaque that causes stains. Wet your toothbrush, then dip in powdered charcoal. Brush your teeth as usual, paying special attention to the area of ​​art. Rinse your mouth two to three times. For best results, do this two to three times a week.

How to make teeth white naturally from yellow Other actions

You can use neem twigs as a toothbrush to brush your teeth in the morning. Chewing of neem leaves can prevent your teeth from turning yellow. You can mix some Honey Neem essential oil with your regular toothpaste.

Once a week, mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water and flip it around your mouth for a few minutes. Brushing your teeth every day with a banana peel or orange peel will help whiten your teeth.

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