How to make neem oil at home for dandruff

How to make neem oil at home for dandruff :Regular use of neem oil is a must for hair problems.

How to make neem oil at home for dandruff

Change is the law of the world. As time goes by, so does the life style of man. Conversely, health problems can also create problems! To this credit, skin and hair problems can also cause back pain. In the end, all such problems can ruin the mind!

Nowadays most of them are single, my age is still small, but overly hairy! They try all the drugs they claim, but they feel that nothing has come of it.

How to make neem oil at home for dandruff

In addition to this hair problem, if you look at the causes of hair whitening at an early age, it can also lead to hair loss, from the use of chemical shampoo or soap, to the water we use daily for bathing. So what’s the solution to all this? See all the details about this ….

The solution to all hair problems is in the leaves of this neem

Neem leaves, just like basil leaves have medicinal properties. Is already proven. For hundreds of years, Ayurvedic medicine has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat neem leaves, stems and spines. It is a natural remedy for many problems, especially those related to skin and hair.

Thus, you can use neem product to avoid any hair problems, especially hair loss and dandruff. This not only causes hair to grow lumpy but also dandruff problem.

Neem oil for dandruff problem

First, rinse the leaves with a little basil, squeeze the juice from it and put it into a bowl. Then add three to four drops of teatree oil to it and mix.

Now add one tablespoon of essential oil to this mixture. Mix it all up, apply it to the scalp of the head and leave it for about four hours. (It is advisable to follow these tips before bed at night if possible). Be sure to follow these tips a couple times a week for best results.

Lemon juice, yogurt and neem oil

Lemon, which has a citrus content, plays an important role in fighting many hair problems. Similarly, because moisturizing properties are present in the skin, hair is naturally conditioned and eliminates the problem of hair loss.

Do this

Rinse your hair cleanly first, then apply a moisturizer to the side of the head and leave it for about fifteen minutes. Then mix in a bowl with a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of neem oil. Then apply natural shampoo and bathe. Using it twice a week for better results will help hair grow longer and thicker.

(How to make neem oil at home for dandruff)Medicinal properties of neem oil

Neem oil has an abundance of anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-oxidant properties, as well as an abundance of vitamin C and protein, which are important in maintaining hair health.

It also manages to do away with itching or dandruff problems on the scalp. This prevents the hair from growing thicker and causing the hair to become white at an early age.

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