How to make fertilizer at home from kitchen waste

How to make fertilizer at home from kitchen waste :You can use manure from the kitchen waste without using it.

How to make fertilizer at home from kitchen waste

Like trash in the kitchen we all buy and throw in the trash. Manure can be made into the home garden using such waste. Some people have a habit of planting flowers and vegetables.

How to make fertilizer at home from kitchen waste

For this they can use a little space on the side of the house or a terrace on the house. But it can be done with expensive money and fertilizer. Instead, manure can be prepared using the waste in the kitchen. You know how it is.


If the waste of the cooking house is dumped, the soil will become more fertile and it will be a good fertilizer for plants and vegetables.

It is very good because there is no chemical used. This is to improve soil quality.

If you are more interested in organic vegetables then you can make it at home using such fertilizer. More space is not needed for composting. Whether a large barrel or a large bucket is enough. It needs some soil and water.

What can be used for composting?

Kitchen waste
Vegetable and fruit peel, rotten vegetables and fruits, egg peel, tea bag, coconut peel etc.
Dry waste
Paper, some boxes
Plantation waste
Cuttings, flowers, grass, dry leaves etc.

What Not to Use for Composting ?

Plastic, tetra pack, leather, rubber, e-waste and electrical appliances, wood, glass, paint, cooked food, oil, etc.

(How to make fertilizer at home from kitchen waste) Methods of composting

Make a few holes in the bucket or barrel and now layer the soil. It is about 5 cm. Be bold. If there is more space outside then this can be done by digging a button there.

Put kitchen waste on it.
Apply mud and cover it properly.
Keep a little water frequently to stay moist. Do not over-water.
You should cover the top of the bucket properly so that there is moisture.
You can do the same the next day.
You should be mixing it up once or twice a week.
Compost is ready in six to eight weeks.

It can also be prepared in several small buckets.
How to know if compost is ready?
If the compost is ready then it will be wet land or the first time the land will be wet.
It is like a powder and there are no lumps. If there are tumors in it, you can use it again to compost.

There is no fungal growth. You can use it as a fertilizer for plants in the home. Some even sell this compost on the market.

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