How to increase protein intake vegetarian

How to increase protein intake vegetarian :Some of our daily food items need to be consumed on a daily basis, since they contain enough protein.

How to increase protein intake vegetarian

In order to live a healthy life, young children, pregnant women, and the elderly need to eat foods that are high in protein. The role of protein factor in boosting disease resistance, bones, strength of mind in children, strong physique and promoting metabolism should not be forgotten.

How to increase protein intake vegetarian

Generally, non-veg lovers, by eating eggs, poultry and fish on a regular basis, add protein to their health. But there is a lot of hype here that vegans have no luck! But be aware that protein content is abundant not only in meats but also in herbs.

Consuming certain fruits – vegetables, yogurt, legumes, nuts, paneer, etc. – can increase the protein content. In today’s article, we will talk about vegetarian foods that are rich in protein, Read More ..


Pulses have a special place in our Indian culture. This is because the amount of nutrients in our body is very high compared to other foods. Yes, these pulses, which contain lots of nutrients, are useful for our health in one way or another.

Generally we use different kinds of roots for different types of sambars prepared at home. The specialty of this is that some types of pulses also provide our own health benefits.

Compared to other meats, some pulses are available in the market at affordable prices to people. These can be incorporated into our daily diet. According to the chapter report, in a small cup of cooked kernels, you can get approximately 18 grams of protein!

Kabul chickpeas

Since Kabul kernel is also found in sufficient quantity of protein, it should be incorporated into our routine.

According to the chapter’s report, a small cup of Kabul chickpeas contains about 15 grams of protein. Kabul peanuts can be added and eaten with the daily sambar we prepare.

Green peas

It is indeed surprising to hear about the rich nutritional benefits and hidden health benefits of these green peas.

Thus, incorporating it into our daily diet can bring a lot of benefits. According to the chapter report, one cup of green peas contains about 8 grams of protein.

Mung bean

Seedling Mung bean Benefits of the field Do we know Alva? These legumes, which contain high amounts of protein, are also beneficial for health.

In addition to protein, fiber and iron are often found in these pulses. If you take a cup of cooked name kernels, you can expect to get about 14 grams of protein.

(How to increase protein intake vegetarian)Beans

The beans we use daily for cooking are rich in fiber, iron, and potassium. So it can be cooked and eaten, or added to our daily cooking. Approximately 12 grams of protein content can be expected in about a cup of cooked beans.

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