How to improve digestion naturally at home india

How to improve digestion naturally at home india:Over-eating the metabolism does not occasionally cause any side effects on your body, but if done regularly, it can affect your weight, fat density, digestion and blood sugar levels.

How to improve digestion naturally at home india

Have you found yourself losing self-control when overeating your favorite foods, and then regretting it immediately? Eating too much can ruin health and cause stomach problems. Here are 7 tips to help your digestive system.

How to improve digestion naturally at home india


If there is only one side solution to all stomach problems, it is Ajwain. Consuming azavine can solve any type of stomach disorder or other problems including pain, gas, vomiting, indigestion and acidity. It is rich in fiber and has natural laxatives. So, if you suffer from indigestion, simply grind together ajaven, black salt and ginger and serve it after your meal.

Peppermint tea

If your stomach is bothering you, drink peppermint tea. It helps to relax the digestive tract so you don’t feel bloated. “Peppermint has a number of anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that relax the muscles in your digestive system, and eliminates stomach problems such as constipation and motion sickness after overeating.”


Even if you feel full, eating a little yogurt can help your health. Since yogurt is a source of probiotics, it eliminates all kinds of stomach problems caused by overeating, including feeling full after a big meal. Ideally, choose organic fresh plain yogurt. Yogurt keeps you healthy all the time in ways that improve digestion.

Most probiotic ingredients in the diet are helpful in alleviating many of your digestive problems. Consuming regular quantities of yogurt is very beneficial.


Watermelon is the most effective fruit to eat after overeating. Its hydrating, anti-bacterial properties, and vitamins and minerals can help treat your stomach problems after a meal. Water-rich fruit such as watermelon can achieve the ideal balance between filling and activation in your diet. Watermelon has about 90 percent water content. So consuming this will not increase your weight.

(How to improve digestion naturally at home india)Drink cold milk

Excessive consumption can sometimes lead to acidity. And if that happens to you, cold overeating is one of the simplest home remedies to deal with it. If you are not lactose-intolerant, the calcium richness in milk controls the high secretion of hydrochloric acids, thereby absorbing the acids in the stomach. Cold milk is the best antidote to acidity, as it provides quick relief from the burning sensation in the stomach.

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This gut-friendly diet boosts your digestion naturally. All you need is a glass of cold milk. Some people drink milk. Calcium is a very important substance for the body. When the body is lacking in calcium, many problems begin to appear.

Don’t sleep

Do not sleep despite feeling tempting. It can cause very slow digestion. Keep your food straight until your stomach is neutralized. Similarly, sleeping directly after you eat means your body doesn’t get the chance to burn those calories, and that means gaining weight.

(How to improve digestion naturally at home india)Take a walk

An easy walk can help promote your digestion and eliminate your blood sugar levels. So instead of sleeping on the couch after lunch, take a walk but avoid running, jogging or going to the gym. Walking or walking has many benefits to your body. Not only can losing weight help your body stay away from a number of life-threatening ailments.

In some cases, we are not in control of our food intake. Eating without this kind of eating is common. Sometimes no food is consumed but consumed indigestion. But we can reduce indigestion by consuming certain foods at all times.

Do not practice taking pills of any kind. This is because these problems are caused by the desire to take the pill repeatedly. So try to correct your indigestion through dietary supplements. This will not cause you any trouble. Also there is no fear of side effects.

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