How to get naturally straight hair permanently ?

How to get naturally straight hair permanently :You can straighten your hair with home-made ingredients without using any accessories. Here is information about it.

How to get naturally straight hair permanently

Tired of wrinkled hair? If yes then that’s the solution. With today’s modern life, we have completely forgotten about home remedies or home remedies. But this is wrong.

How to get naturally straight hair permanently

Home treatment does not cause any problems to your skin, health and hair. So you can use it no doubt.

Lots of people get bored with their hair style. It is normal to want to have straight and long hair. It is not advisable to use heat staining. This creates the problem of straightening your hair, as well as hair loss.

You can straighten your hair with no branch treatment. They are as follows.

Milk and honey

The milk and honey blend not only straightens your hair but also gives it a shine. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Milk also contains fat. It helps to soften the hair. You are told that honey is a natural moisturizer that promotes straight hair.

Do this

For one tablespoon of honey, mix together half a cup of milk. Apply this mixture to your hair while you shower. Leave on for 2 to 5 minutes and rinse off.


Banana is not only beneficial for health and skin, but also for hair. Banana hair has a softness to it. It is best for dry and wrinkled hair.

Banana straightens your hair. Also, it provides deep nourishment to the hair.

(How to get naturally straight hair permanently)Coconut milk and lemon

Coconut milk and oil make for straight, lush hair. Coconut milk nourishes and softens hair. It mainly contains saturated fat.

Do this

Stir in half the lemon juice with fresh coconut milk. Apply to your hair. Doing so will not just straighten your hair but will give it a shine.

Soybean oil

Applying soybean oil to the scalp and hair can help with scalp itching and straightening hair. As you know, using soybean oil in your hair is not a fear of white hair.

(How to get naturally straight hair permanently)Do this

To a tablespoon of soybean oil, mix coconut oil or castor oil. Apply this mixture to the ends of your hair. Rinse clean after 1 hour.

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